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Why the Phone is Still an Important Tool in Business

In the 19th century, Scottish-born inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It was to be used for purposes of communication only. Over the years, however, its use has multiplied and its functionality unmatched.

Today, telephones are used to run businesses because of their effectiveness and ease of use. Judging from the fact that these are mini offices, the rate of success while using them to run a business is fairly high.

While most businesses are rating their success on the internet and social media, what all businesses at large have in common is their vast use of the “localiser mon telephone”.

So what makes the phone so important to businesses?

1. Flexibility

It is fitted with the important aspects needed to compile, analyze and file data. Features like WPS office and Word on the phone are handy when it comes to working on a document.

In addition, when you have a phone that has a battery full of charge, it is very easy to use it from anywhere you are. This reduces the chance of chaos in case you have an unfinished project and you need to do it even in your inconvenience.

The phone is also flexible when it comes to delegating work. This is done by either calling the other person or sending them a message. So you can reach your employees at any given time.

2. Increased Technology 

While sending emails and social media messages is a good strategy of having customers, making phone calls is more advantageous. This is because not everyone has access to the internet and therefore might miss the message you intend to pass.

On the other hand, telephones still feel interpersonal and work better in customer relations.

3. International Links 

A businessman in Tokyo can sell his products using his phone by going online and getting his clients. These clients can be from all over the world.

In another instance, people transacting business in different areas are able to stay in communication through conference calls and video calls. They are also able to keep track of their work through phone applications like Dropbox and Google Drive for documents.

4. Increase In Sales and Business Training

There are many ways both of these activities can happen. The invention of WhatsApp lately has increased the popularity of using the phone for sky-high sales projects as well as training new business entrepreneurs and interns as well.

5. Customer Service

A good business keeps track of its services in order to upgrade them to suit all customers. It is therefore important that your customers have a number where they can reach you for more information on the business or products.

Have this service readily available to them by giving them quality professionals to handle the customer service section.


Business in the 21st century has picked up the phone as part of its operation. With the increasing number of ways and the versatility of the phone, this trend does not look like it will end soon.

So try it if you already aren’t using this means of communication for your business.