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Why Nailing the Questions and Answers in a Job Interview is Important in the Music Industry

Do you have a job interview coming up that you really want to do well on?  Going on a job interview in the music industry can be a scary thing, especially if you’re not prepared.  However, if you are prepared and know what they’re going to ask ahead of time, job interviews become a piece of cake!

If you want to get the job, you have to know what they’re going to ask, and know what to say in return. These potential employers that are interviewing you basically have a set of questions that are set up to get a certain response from you. If you answer it properly, you get the job. If you don’t answer it properly, you don’t get the jobs. These questions plague you, and their only intention is to bring you to your knees. 

But – with some help – you can ace it by knowing what they’re going to ask you in advance (as well as learning exactly what to say back to them!). To give you a better idea, imagine if you could study for a test by knowing exactly what they were going to have on it. You know what answers to give, too. You can memorize them and learn it perfectly. How well do you think you’d do on the test? You’d ace it! You can do the same thing in your job interview. 

Learn What to Say

Learn what to say to common interview questions and answers. Basically, you don’t want to wing it.  You need to have scripts ready to go so that when they start firing off questions, you can start firing off answers just as easily.  This will show them that you know what you’re doing and are taking the position seriously. By saying certain key things, you trigger a response in them that says “hire this person now.”

Interview Scenario 

Imagine this situation… 

Your interviewer has a LIST of questions that they’re going to ask you. They also have a list of what the “best response” would be… Okay? 

So, what YOU can do is get the SAME list… You’ll know exactly what they’re going to ask you, and you will EVEN know exactly what answers they are LOOKING FOR. 

How would that sound? 

You could say it’s almost like cheating, except, it’s not. It’s not illegal, and it’s just YOU doing GOOD RESEARCH before a job interview. That’s all it is. You are just covering your bases and making sure that you get the job. In this economy, you need to make sure that your chances are as high as possible. Wouldn’t you agree? 

For instance, what would you rather do? Go into a test with absolutely NO knowledge of what’s going on? Or take an OPEN BOOK exam and STILL have time the night before to study as much as you want? 

I think that we’d all prefer to do the second one! Knowing what they’re going to ask in advance is crucial, and better yet, knowing exactly what to say will make sure that you get the job you’re looking for. You might even become a “zen master” among your friends, and you can help them to get their jobs too.

This is why nailing the questions and answers in a job interview is so important.  Being prepared is a must these days, so the key is to find online resources that can lead you in the right direction and make sure that you’re fully prepared for your interview.