After so much traveling, I have come to the conclusion that motorcycle is the best way to enjoy a journey. The level of freedom, excitement, and adventure that you feel during a road-trip on the motorcycle cannot be felt on anything else.

Not just traveling, documenting these rides is another thrilling adventure as well. So, it’s not a wonder that the main subject of many movies is motorcycling. But there are some tips that should be remembered if you are a beginner in this field.

Write it down

I am not asking about writing the full script. Instead just write a rough sketch of your video. Make three columns. In the first one, number each smaller part of the video as a layout. In the second one, explain the tactics of your camera and in the third one adds your favorite music you want to add in it.

Capture the real situation

If you want your documentary to look real then insert the real situations in it. Your video will look more real if some errors like the flat tire or navigational errors will be added to it. Such scenes will be convincing for the viewers about the reality of your video as these are common problems faced by everyone.

Usage of multiple cameras

Along with your helmet cam, multiple cameras should be inserted. The number and direction of cameras should be appropriate. There are many different sorts of cameras available in the market now that is perfect for making motorcycle documentaries. Even the reviews of these products are also available. You can look for the best motorcycle camera by vanndigit reviews.

The Interview should be added

Along with the video, viewers will be very much interested in knowing about your experience personally. So, take some time to interview your group fellows about their adventurous experience. You can use external cameras for this purpose as well.

Narrations should be added

The Narration is a great way to make your video sound appealing and enjoyable. You could also add subtitles to make it more convenient and easy for the viewers to watch.

Give time on editing

It’s very important to spare your time for editing your documentary as well. You can fix the errors and make some scenes better than before. So, spend some time on giving it final touch for perfect presentation.

To conclude, by using the above tips you can definitely make a great documentary on motorcycle journey. Just make one and send us the link of your attempt.