Remembering Top Bathroom Horror Movie Scenes from Classics

The horror movies have always remained on top of the list when it comes to talking about the best movies of all time. The directors put in a lot of effort to film a perfect scene and it takes a lot of time to add a realistic look to a scene. The emotions of the actor and the fear on their face can do the magic. That’s the horror movies are considered to be the best movies of all time.

Every weekend the friends sit together to watch a horror movie and they always try to scare their coward friends that start crying whenever they watch a horror scene on the screen. But there are some horror scenes that make every feel scared even if they have a very strong heart. Today, we are going to talk about some of the horror scenes that were filmed in the bathroom and that made everyone feel afraid.

Whenever you take a look at these scenes, you’d realize that the directors have put in a lot of effort in order to film such scenes. These scenes would keep appearing in your mind over and over again making everyone afraid to even go to the bathroom. Here are the top bathroom horror movie scenes from classics that made everyone afraid.

Halloween: Bathroom attacks

The remake of the classic Halloween by Rob Zombie introduced the new kind of scary bathroom horror scenes. The story of this movie was a lot better than the previous version as it kept the viewers shivering all the time.

Michael is the main character in the movie that killed many people in the bathroom after being bullied in the school. You must consider watching this movie with your friends if you have not yet watched it.

The grudge: shampoo helper

At the turn of the millennium, the latest technology and the legends got together and made Japan’s horror stories extremely popular. The Grudge is also one of these incredible movies that became very popular. The film was directed by Takashi Shimuzi and it won many rewards at the box office. The real fear appears when the actress realizes that someone is helping her in shampooing her hair.

The Shining: Heeere’s Johnny

This is an incredible movie about a family that moved to the countryside to spend some peaceful time but then they realized that the hotel they were staying in was haunted and this is where the real fear starts. Here are some other bathroom scenes from horror movies that would make you feel afraid.