Some Modern Movies That Prove That Modern Film Is As Good As The Classic Era

Many people tend to generalize that the quality of films in modern times is fast declining and modern films cannot compare to the old time classics like Casablanca, Citizen Kane and The Godfather. Of course these movies are some of the best, but even some modern movies are just as good. Whether you are a casual film fan or cinephile you will enjoy the movies that are listed below. These films are an achievement in their own right and modern advancement in technology has had a part to play in the excellent quality of these movies.

Star Trek into Darkness – 2013

Star Trek into Darkness is a film that is an epic and extremely intense. It is so exciting that it shows the difference of intelligent life and primitive life inside a volcano. Everything about into Darkness is what a big budget Hollywood film should be like. It is intelligent, exhilarating and very character driven. Star Trek became so popular due to the relationship between humans and aliens that it shows like the relationship between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk. In all this film has taken a 50 year old series and developed it into something even better than when it started.

Children of men 2006

It depends on your disposition whether you find this film the most hopeful or the most depressing movie. In this movie the director Alfonso Cuaran has portrayed a science fiction world that is frighteningly real. You will not find spaceships or aliens in this movie, but it is a portrayal of broken and lost individuals who are trying to do their best in a scenario of extreme political unrest and consistent war. There are many powerful moments in this movie and some really innovative camera shots.