Interesting Facts About Wedding Bands

If you ask the present generation what is a wedding band, there are good possibilities that their answer will with the phrase, “wedding band is a piece of jewellery” They might get into the symbol of love and commitment after that. For them, they first see it as a piece of jewellery.

Expecting more information about wedding bands will get you nowhere. Maybe one in thousand will know something extra about the wedding bands. In this article, we will see in detail about the interesting facts about wedding bands.

Different cultures and tradition

If you are thinking that all the traditions and cultures in the world use wedding bands, you are terribly wrong. There are a lot of people from differ cultural backgrounds who follow different traditions. For example, in many parts of India, the bride wears the wedding bands in their toes.

The groom’s name

One of the oldest and the most common tradition that is being followed in most parts of the world is the engraving of the groom’s name in the wedding band. It is said that the practice of engraving the groom’s name has been in practice for many centuries.

The first every wedding band

The oldest wedding band that was unearthed belonged to the Egyptians. According to the scriptures, the Egyptians considered the wedding bands as the symbol of eternity. The exchange of the wedding bands was a very sacred act that was done in the presence of the Sun God.

World War II

The use of wedding bands might be in practice for many centuries. It became popular and transformed into a tradition only during the Second World War. It is because men who were in the war started to miss their wives and hence, they started to wear rings that had their names of their wives. This later became the tradition that is being followed in many parts of the world.

The Disbelief

According to traditions, there is one of the biggest misbelieves that people are still clinging on to.  It is believed that if the groom or the bride drops the wedding bands during the wedding, their life will be pathetic and there are good possibilities that marriage might not last for a long time.

Why gold?

Have you ever given a thought of why most of the wedding bands are made out of gold? Some state that it is a status symbol, but the truth is that gold is considered to be one of the purest metals on earth. That is why rich people used to give offerings in gold to the Gods. If you are looking for wedding bands in gold you can buy them at They have an amazing collection and they provide the finest quality products.

The fourth finger

More than eighty per cent of the brides in the world wear their wedding bands in the fourth finger. It is because of the old Roman tradition. Romans believed that love vein is in the fourth finger.