Nail Biting Movie Classics to Revisit This Halloween

Still figuring out what this year Halloween is going to look like for you and your pals? If you’re not into costumes, trick-or-treats and fancy parties, why don’t you throw a movie marathon at your place?

Besides being an excellent opportunity to catch up with your friends, movies can also be a great occasion to remember some of the most favorite Halloween movie classics. To start with, check out our nail-biting film classics list to revisit this Halloween.


One of the most famous movie classics of all time. Hitchcock’s psychological approach to the characters intertwined with the thriller genre made this film – as well as many of his other films – a treasured piece of art. The famous movie scene under the shower and thrilling music is something worth remembering! If you like the smooth plot, with a great suspense and a twist, then it’s a movie for you.


If you’re into vampires and creatures that make Halloween recognizable, you should watch the famous Dracula movies. The exciting love story turned into a bloody party is something that will make vague impressions. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know the famous Bela Lugosi’s performance a bit closer. You’ll see where the inspiration for many other vampire characters – even the modern ones we are aware today – have risen.

Rosemary’s Baby

Another creepy nail-biting movie classic that will elevate this year’s Halloween experience. Polanski’s disturbing story about an expecting mom who is afraid for her unborn’s wellbeing is something that will make you awe. Some paranoia that fills the mother’s mind can be felt in every shot of the movie.


No one can skip one of the best Halloween movies ever made. Jamie Lee Curtis became famous thanks to her role in the film, where her twisted freaky brother tries to kill her by every means. This is one of the movies that served as an idea for Halloween Nail Stickers popular in the teenage community. Remember how scared you were when watching this film for the first time by revisiting it this Halloween.

Friday the 13th

If you’re not tired of being in suspense for an hour or two, make sure you bring Friday the 13th to your list. It will make you wary, especially if you know someone by the name of Jason. But, don’t worry – the fear will soon disappear.

The Birds

Another Hitchcock classic, but this time much creepier and scarier than Psycho. The idea of wild killer birds was new at the time, and the director made sure it became so haunting that many of us who watched the movie felt chills every time we saw a bird.


Don’t forget to dive into the SF theme this Halloween. One of the best movies you should revisit is Alien, a freaky story about the supernatural creatures that are preparing the devilish plan for the humankind. By giving birth to the alien baby who is haunting the passengers on a spacecraft, Riddley Scot the director of the movie gave us moments to remember.