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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Debuts to $84 Million Through Sunday

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The studio estimates have come out for the weekend’s box office, and they are a little bit off from the expectations going into the three-day. Star Trek Into Darkness is the culprit of that as Paramount only found about 80% of what they were looking for. The studio was banking on early tracking of $100+ million through four days. Instead they got $84 million and change. This is $2 million south of what the previous film in the franchise did in its four-day debut without the benefit of 3D or IMAX hype.

What we may be seeing is that money does not necessarily make this franchise a bigger draw. Its character development and ongoing themes really helped narrate J.J. Abrams Trek, and now that seems to have taken a back seat to the more intense sci-fi action sequences. That is not to say it is gone, but any hope of capturing a healthy female audience certainly is, leading me to believe Paramount will push for more of Zoe Saldana’s Uhura in round three.

Yes, there will be a round three, but it would seem like $190 million backing the production was a little beyond what this franchise could reasonably support. How many times have we heard that said? Fans should expect a contraction back to $150 million although there is pretty much zero probability of Paramount boxing the series as they continue to look for tentpole programming.

Here is the field:

  1. STAR TREK 2 – $70.6 M / $84.1 M
  2. IRON MAN 3 – $35.2 M / $337.1 M
  3. THE GREAT GATSBY – $23.4 M / $90.2 M
  4. PAIN & GAIN – $3.1 M / $46.6 M
  5. THE CROODS – $2.8 M / $176.8 M
  6. 42 – $2.7 M / $88.7 M
  7. OBLIVION – $2.2 M / $85.5 M
  8. PEEPLES – $2.2 M / $7.9 M
  9. THE BIG WEDDING – $1.1 M / $20.2 M
  10. OZ – $0.8 M / $231.2 M
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